Have you ever just wondered what us makeup artists use to have our clients application looking beautifully finished, "flawless", and skin looking like...well skin? Well the time is here Dolls! Pro MUA, Briana Nicholson, is ready to teach you how she works those brushes to create that timeless, luxury finish that leaves everyone in awe!!!

In this course, we will learn how to achieve a full face makeover, that enhances your natural beauty, and steps to take that "everyday look", which may be a bare face, to GLAM. No matter your level of artistry, this makeup class is for everyone--from makeup professionals to the everyday woman! You will learn how to flawlessly execute techniques in the following:

  • Skin care and preparation for the makeup application

  • Eyebrow shaping/sculpting

  • Eyeshadow placement and blending

  • Color correction, Flawless foundation application and setting

  • Highlighting and Contouring

  • Blush/Cheek Highlighting

  • Eyelash Application

  • Lip Color Application

  • Selecting the proper tools to achieve your look

Makeup Session Options:

Makeup 1-on-1 Tutorial: $275/2 hours ($50 each additional half hour)

Small Group Demo-2 hours (3 person minimum): $85 per person

Small Group Hands-On Tutorial- 2hours $150 per person 

(Small Group hands on is a 3 person minimum; mimosas/waters, hors d'oeuvres provided)